Our Activities

Sunday Church Service:

Every Sunday, the saints gather to worship God in truth and spirit at 10 am. Where two or three gather together, the Lord Jesus promised His Presence. As a church we gather to remeber the Lord's death and resurrection and also declare that He will return as He promised. We also have a time where we listen to God's prophetic Word preached through His annointed services.

Junior Church

We have a wonderful team who minister to children. We believe that our children are born sinners and they need the Saviour, even if we are born again believers. The Junior Church involves teaching God's Word through role plays, videos, dance, music, games and discussions. It is our endeavour to lead our children into a living relationship with their Saviour

Youth Meeting

The youth meeting is called "ADDA", meaning a Hang out. This is a very informal gathering where the youth of the church come together learn Life Lessons from the Scriptures. This is primarily done by facilitation of discussion and debates. Everyone is involved. This is sandwiched by Dance, Games and Food. The focus is on Life Transformation through personal mentoring by mentors who also participate in these gatherings.

General Counseling

As a person goes through life, he faces several challenges and struggles. Some of them leave people brutally hurt. For a physical injury, we go to a doctor/physician. But for emotional healing, one needs to go to a counselor. Counselors work with emotional wounds of the person. They work with their childhood hurts. They work with current challenges. They do not provide solutions, but help people to cope, and work with their feelings based on Biblical principles. They also recommend changes to world views, and provide different views to their problems and help them resolve. Most often these issues are due to strained relationships. The Pastors of the Church are trained and experienced counselors. They have been serving people for several years. Counseling service are provided on appointment basis only.

Marraige Counseling

Marriages are made in Heaven, so the old saying goes. But one thing is inevitable. The honeymoon slowly turn into bittermoon. The initial thrill and excitement is slowly replaced by familiarity. Life becomes a drag. Differences start to crop up. Expectation are not met. Discouragement sets in. Communication starts to fail and relationship getr strained. Intimacy is lost. External factors like long working hours, constant travelling, and In-laws can further worsend the situation. Conflict become a common affair. All said and done, marriage need constant reviving and this is best done by looking at one's marriage through God's eyes as He is the inventor of this institution. The counselors works with both the spouses separately and listens carefully to the concerns. They then reflect back their situation. They work with their core issues using a biblical basis.

The counselors also conduct one day and three day marriage seminars called " Marriage Garage "


One of the natural consequences of marriage is children. With the change in our cultural changes in our community, especially with regard to both the mother and father working long hourse, the most common victim is the child. May families are not aware of the dangers of such situation and it is usually too late before the parents discover the damage that is done. Here the counselors come in and guide the parents to doing parenting using biblical principles. Special parenting seminars are done on invitation at college campuses, corporate offices and at apartment or gated communities.