A Blameless Couple

Luk 1:5 - 7  During the time when Herod was king of Judea, there was a priest named Zechariah, who belonged to the priestly order of Abijah. His wife's name was Elizabeth; she also belonged to a priestly family. They both lived good lives in God's sight and obeyed fully all the Lord's laws and commands. They had no children because Elizabeth could not have any, and she and Zechariah were both very old.

This passage truly surprise me and got me thinking. Marriage is a divine institution. It was God's idea. But marriage is definitely a challenge. Anyone who is married will definitely agree with me. Mr. and Mrs. Zechariah is acknowledged here as good / righteous couple. One translation says that they were blameless before the Lord. To be married and to be blameless is defintely worth acknowledging. What a testimony for a couple! After I read this scripture, I have been constantly praying, asking the Lord for His grace to be like Mr. and Mrs. Zechariah. As a couple, the walked in obedience to God's Laws. As a servant of the Lord, ministering before God and people requires a lifestyle that is exemplary. It is important for families that serve in leadership to align with God's Word and be and example to the community of worshippers.

The strange thing is the very next verse after all the appreciation you see a crisis/tragedy/challenge/difficulty in the life of this couple. Barreness is a painful state of affairs for any married couple. Barreness is disheartening. Bareness is a helpless situation. It makes me wonder why a blameless couple should face such a painful situation. A righetous walk does not guarentee a pain free life. Every struggle in the life of God's children is work and plan of God. They cause us to depend on Him and also He works on our character. God is at work in everyone's life. His ways are much higher than ours. I wonder if this lifetime crisis drew them closer to God and guided them to a life of blamless living.